Virtually bumping into ‘loving’ people across the globe :)

This post is the one that is dedicated to one of my life changing moments- the moment when I stepped into ICA- International Coach Academy 🙂

  We students at ICA meet during ‘virtual’ classes and then share our ideas/ thoughts across a beautiful space provided in the form of a forum 🙂

Simply letting go our thoughts about ‘What will others think @ me if I post blah blah blah’ and feeling free to share reflections, our insights makes it such a beautiful experience..

I’ve bumped into people across the globe & the excitement is not even half as much, as compared to making connections with them & knowing that though they are in a different geography, surrounded n brought up in different cultures, eating different food, they are still so much like me- in so many different ways!!

Meeting all of them & knowing their thoughts, being able to view various perspectives from various angles- in itself is such a beautiful learning!! Fills me with gratitude & love 🙂

Also the opportunities of learning life lessons, providing or gaining insights, sometimes receiving or providing inspiration from them is such a beauty!!

Writing this post with a heart full of gratitude.

Muchisimas Gracias



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