How can there be Peace in the world when there’s war-right within?

Each one of us is going through so much turmoil! For some, life has everything nice that they need yet there’s no peace! For some life is a struggle! For some life is about everything less!

With such emotions of lack, less, conflict, unrest- can we really dream of living in a peaceful world? A world, where we need not read newspapers, switch on to our tv sets to know more about the mis-happenings..

Rather a world where every person can feel warmth in one’s heart while reaching out to another person living in some other country! With absolutely no iota of doubt, that the other person could be of any harm???

Can this be a reality of our world?

How can it be, when leave aside a national of another country, people feel insecurities in their own relationships of love, relations of kith n kin?? Trusting one’s own blood is a big question now a days, and am I crazy to think the whole world can live in Peace???

YES!!! I am crazy!! I believe in a world of peace! One peaceful home at a time & no sooner is it gonna be a beautiful huge home- a beautiful planet where each feels safe and each feels loved 🙂

Charity begins at home So my heartfelt request to each beautiful person in this beautiful world- Please feel peace inside.. cuz we truly deserve it and we can’t be anything else but peace..

With peace n love:)


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