Can the heaviness inside a grieving heart ever be healed?

Just 2 days back, I read a book I’ve been awaiting to read!

Wasn’t happy reading it, cuz the story wound up in a very unpleasant manner, and the protagonist had to deal with separation! A beautiful MFOE (Made 4 each other) couple that awaits a life of togetherness in peace has to face an unexpected twist in their life with one of them dying a very horrendous death!!

The protagonist obviously is completely shaken and is unable to deal with this unexpected outcome. All the principles on which his life was based on, are gone for a toss & all that he can see in front of himself is vengeance. Even after taking revenge, his heart still feels so heavy, so incomplete!

Reading this story left me so disturbed & depressed!! I know well that this was a story. Yet, I was disturbed..

I know there are many such people around me who face this grief of having to part with their loved one. Some have had to part with their son, or daughter ,some with their mother or father, some with their life partner..

Feeling empathy in such cases is practically impossible & I can’t imagine being in the protagonist’s shoes! The pain and grief seems un-recoverable..

The cycle of birth and death is something we can’t fight. We know that a day will come when we have to bid goodbye to every thing around us and everyone around too. Yet, we are in denial or what?

Knowing that all that we earn in life- the happiness, the prosperity, the health ,the beauty, the relationships- are all going to go away, we still find ourselves so deeply attached to our life, and more so attached to our expectations out of life.

The heart grieves at any loss- be it loss of property, loss of money, loss of status, loss of stability, loss of beauty, loss of youth, loss of abilities and last but not the least, loss of a loved one..

How can the grieving heart then, be healed? How can the heaviness turn into lightness? How can the void be filled with abundance? How can the loss be a lesson to be learned?


The story did make me feel low yet allowed me to express gratitude for all the beautiful aspects that this life has offered me and is continuing to do so..

Signing off with a hope that every grieving heart opens up to the healing that’s awaiting them!


2 responses to “Can the heaviness inside a grieving heart ever be healed?

  1. What is it really about a story that leaves one disturbed and distressed? Is it because it did not follow a pattern which we would have preferred? Or could it be because we hold some kind of an attachment to the outcome?

    But what is is. It is only when we refuse to accept reality and try to influence it that we experience stress.

    So what could be the way forward for you Shraddha?



    • Truly said Shakti!! Acceptance of ‘what is’ & reducing Expectation of ‘what should be’ can work the way out for us..

      I thank this book for creating such a beautiful perspective about grief for me..


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