What’s exciting you- TODAY?

Anything that you would like to share with the rest of the world- that’s keeping you hooked on to high energy???

Never thought about it -right? No worries! Today is a good day to start peeping inside ourselves & getting to know better. With our loved ones, we go out of the way to observe and make a note of stuff that keeps them happy. We know what bothers them, what angers them & most definitely what peps them up!!

So what about you? Are you waiting for your spouse/ parents / gf/ bf/ bff/maid/teacher…. to make a note of these things??

Come on!! Time to catch up! Share it here, and you’ll be surprised! You will smile deep within and the smile will reach out right into your eyes!!

What is special about today, that’s exciting you no end? its ok if its not so crazily exciting..

What is it @today that enthuses you to put your best foot forward?

Share with all of us & give us a chance to swipe our Happiness Credit Card!!

For me, today what excites me is:

~ Watching a movie with mom n Pum (granny) at home

~ The 2 IPL matches happening today (I await them like crazy, irrespective of which team is playing)

~ Picking up my hubby from a stones throw point near home and walking back with him

~ My ‘rhythm-walk’ workout that I’m doing after dinner

Phewww!!! I never thought there would be so many things exciting about my day…I’m sure you too will discover the same so feel free to share with us..

Adios amigos





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