Ain’t it not silly??

Ain’t it not silly? The value of peaceful – sleepfull nights are not known to any

Ain’t it not fair? The value of having a family, seldom found….so rare

Ain’t it not madness? The value of work is felt only by the idle and the jobless

Ain’t it not there? The value of money, time, air????????

All of us have so many beautiful things in our life. A family, a place to live which we call home, something that earns us resources – a job, and so many loving people around whom we call friends…

Still we have something that makes us feel our life is incomplete!!! Either its the love of a lost one, or some money lost, some time lost, some effort lost at work, a promotion lost, whatever……….may be health lost or youth lost..

If we all knew today is the only day we have, how differently would we appreciate all the stuff in our life?


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