Wanna Play a Weird Word Game?

Simple!! Just choose important words and match associations.. Por ejemplo:

Happiness – Breeze!! Peace – Rhythm workout!!

Sad – Silence!!

friends – Cheer, travel- excitement, must have – vacation, job- ever changing,

Money – ample, food- necessity, music – rhythm,  best time- evenings, best day – holiday, matters most- family

hobby – change, routine – throw it away, …..

You can choose words like I chose & then think of other words that you associate with them..

A gr8 introspection exercise that brings a smile – 🙂


2 responses to “Wanna Play a Weird Word Game?

    • Hey Shakti,

      Sorry m Replying late..
      things have changed between the time I wrote the post & now..
      And now I think what’s coming to me again n again is simply

      Peace – Now!! Being present is the best thing that I’m learning how to get right 🙂 n it surely brings peace..

      Thanx for your response..


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