The Cool Switch – Water or a dainty colorful beverage!!

If I asked you to choose between a glass of water & a tempting colorful beverage of your choice- what do you think you’d choose?

I’d like to think of this as a similar situation when someone attempts to provoke me using carefully chosen words. The person knows really well how to taunt others, throw signals that make the receivers feel ‘not so good’ about themselves.

But this isn’t really about the receiver! All the taunting & mean talk belongs to the person who is serving you a tray – that contains water on the left & a juicy, colorful, beverage of your choice on the right.

If you choose the beverage, obviously the colors, the variety of tastes that the drink offers, can provoke you with opinions & thoughts about the quality of the drink. What if you plainly choose water?

Water has no quality other than life saving!! No one picks water- atleast not to later brag about how it was ‘not so nice’..

So the response to mean taunting can be switched!! By simply choosing water & simply visualising myself drinking water when the other person wants me to pick the tongue tickling drink..

Isn’t this what the other person wants? Wants you to feel low, hurt or wants to pin point your weaknesses ?

But mind you, these weaknesses are in the minds of the person who chooses mean words! And the person wants us to believe that these perceived weaknesses belong to us…

What if we switch? Switch our choice to a glass of water?

What say?



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