A super surprise for all the creative souls :)

I stumbled upon this very beautiful blogsite yesterday!! Its so beautiful, that it inspired me to create a card for my lil friend who is gonna turn a year old soon 🙂 Hope u guys enjoy 🙂

For the very first time, I’ve felt so happy seeing someone like this!! I felt happy for the creators of this blogsite & for the kind of work they are doing -spreading joy all along by making cards- yayyyy!!!

2 good!! Just cudn’t stop myself from sharing!! Check out their beautiful creations (only when you have loadsa time at hand cuz it may take a day or 2 to enjoy it completely) cuz each n every card will blow your mind 🙂 n bring you joy….

For the very first time, I sent an invite to friends to like something on fb & I felt it totally worthwhile!! So many pages being created on fb every other minute and so many people inviting you to like them..You kinda forget the true purpose of that feature..

Thank you ‘Cardsies‘!! You guys really rock 🙂




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