An abrupt unsaid goodbye :(

Well ..farewells can be quite sad and disheartening, yet they are way better than an abrupt, unsaid goodbye..

The void that gets created in all the limitless possibilities of interaction, when a person leaves you for good – unimaginable..Fills me with grief 😦

We take so many things for granted..Right from saying hi to someone we know to calling an old friend, from wishing someone on their birthday, to calling your parents who stay far away, from telling your loved one how much one means to you, to simply sending smilies to people on your friend list -all of it- we take for granted..

We know rather we assume that all these people will be in our life forever..

And we continue doing so, till it gets too late..

I missed talking to someone dear, and then it got too late ;(

And all that remains behind are the memories of the love filled voice saying ‘Hi Gonni’ ;(

Praying for Peace …


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