Every emotion lives its life..

Be it happiness, grief, fear, anxiety or worry! Be it pain, pleasure, relief, tension or hurt – it will last only till its meant to..

So many times, we resist these emotions cuz we perceive them to be unfit in our perfect world. Failure -for instance is a ‘touch me not’..We don’t wanna acknowledge its presence in our life cuz its presence is no less than a curse..

We want to run away from all those moments where we failed or where we were not up to our own expectations. Why?

My friend Lainey, always tells me ‘Don’t resist the emotion, let it be!’ She asks me ‘how does the emotion look? Which color is it? In which part of your body do you see it?’ And that’s how she actually helps me acknowledge the emotion rather than run away from it..

Currently ‘Grief’ is taking its turn for me! And I see it, I feel it,I remember the cause of it, the happy memories behind it..

And I know, the person who has gone away is in a peaceful place, a place of joy – And that’s the only solace.

Saying  this, I also want my grief to go away, And I want the person to come again & speak to me, I want to hear his voice, I want to feel his fighting spirit, I want to continue to believe that he will survive cancer, like he did for the last few years, I want to meet him, I want him to meet my (future) children, the wishlist is pretty long..

I know you’re up there- Constantly SMILING (like you have always been) even as tears roll down my eyes! And this time, I think I’ll let the tears flow..

Let them live their life..


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