The moments that define life…

  Sharing a cup of coffee with loved ones..

The smile on mom- dad’s face when they see you after a loong while..

Walking on dew dipped layer of green, with the sun shining in your eyes..

Patching up with your spouse after trying hard to stay angry ;)..

Feeling the breeze and imagining it’s gonna take you along..

Praying wholeheartedly when the calamities rock others who share this planet with me..

Parting with your vada pav when a hungry begging child looks so lovingly at you..

The various ‘JINXy’ moments when my hubby sends me a sms at the same second that I sent him one..

Waiting to converse with a dear friend who lives far far far away, in a totally different culture, eating totally different food -yet in sync with my soul..

Listening to music that touches your soul yet makes no sense to the comprehending brain..

Being allowed to sleep in between mom n dad, even when I’m 30 🙂 (This is my fav)

Experimenting with a recipe & when it turns out ‘GR8’ being unable to remember the variation..

Your 3 year old niece responding to your ‘I missed you baby’ with ‘I missed you too’ 🙂 🙂 🙂

Sending love to your loved ones who are far away thru a single sms & follow it with a broad smile on your face


The list is really long..

Would you want to add to the list????


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