The value of ‘Human’ company…

We are never alone these days. Smart phones have made sure that we feel self sufficient all the time.

Music – to make us feel good (or to phase out when we want to close ourselves from the rest of the world) , maps- to throw reliably unreliable information, whats-app/ sms to stay connected with people across the globe, you-tube to watch stuff and entertain ourselves, around me – to know of places around us..

Our phone is like our soul-mate!! And it makes sure, we can survive alone..

The technology that helps us get in touch with people on the other side of the planet also supports us to shut ourselves slowly and steadily, from people who are physically near us..

Have you tried using your phone for company when you’re having lunch alone? Or try buying a ticket for your phone to sit next to you while watching a movie..Does it help???

There is some power in having company (human) around us, having people around, who ask you ‘how was your day?’ or tell you ‘you look stunning’ ..

Living in a joint family, I think I’ve kinda underestimated this power. But when half your family is out of town, you realize what an impact they have on you, simply their presence around is magical..

And with that realization, I feel gratitude in my heart for all the people in my life. They listen to you when you’re talking, they let you be alone when you’re busy, they make sure you’re eating food on time, they tolerate you when you’re angry, they give you opportunities to improve your tolerance in moments when they lose their cool..And its okay for them if everyday isn’t like a big celebration or a party or something.. Just in each other’s company we pass on and share (and add on to) this power..

This power called Love I guess, which unknowingly and unintentionally also, we radiate..And it can be felt even when we’re sitting quietly next to each other..may be doing different stuff..

Have you realized the value of this? Of having loving people around?


4 responses to “The value of ‘Human’ company…

  1. People are so much more valuable than we think. I’ve spent the last few years in boarding, where I’m constantly surrounded by friends. I used to love solitude, but now whenever I am alone I feel lonely. It serves as a good reminder of how valuable friends and family really are. Thank you for another great post πŸ™‚

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