You are so beautiful!!! Yes- You, reading this post :)

You are wondering, I’m sure -if this is a joke or some April fool’s prank I’m playing!!

No??? You ARE VERY sure, this is you I’m talking about? Wow !! I’m so proud of you!!

And if…if you’re wondering, if I’m really referring to you, then its time to wake up & take a good look at yourself in the mirror..

Believe me, You are very beautiful!! Very very beautiful.. Really πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Now its your turn to tell me, what is it, so very beautiful about you?

Your eyes, or may be your smile, or may be your hair!!

The way you make people smile or may be the way you so thoughtfully take care of others around you!!

Your patience or may be your courage or may be your strength or may be your silence???

Your charm or your optimism? Your way of lighting up the environment?

The way you look? The way you ponder? The way you ignore? The way you move forward?

Come on!! Tell me!! What is it that’s so beautiful about you???

The way you thank? The way you pray? The way you love?

The way you sing or dance or make merry? Or the way you’re so carefree and happy go lucky?

The way you boost up others who are low? Or the way you appreciate others?

The way people smile when they’re with you πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

Come on!! Think harder..What more??

The way you dress? or the way you walk? may be its the way you talk? or may be the way you listen?

The way you cook? or the way you eat? The way you appreciate nature?

No – You dunno what’s so beautiful about you? Ask your friends, your family and you will get a big list!!

Are we telling ourselves regularly, how ‘un-beautiful’ we are?

Yes!!! 😦 ;(

Simple!!! It’s time to change!! Lets love ourselves a lil more & this world will immediately get better -this very instant!!

Wondering what inspired me to write this post? This video (link shared below) did!! If you’re curious, check it out & you will know you are so beautiful!!!



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