Wonder why I didn’t pick that one?

I’m referring here to the Lavender colored ‘Yardley’…….face wash!!!!

I would have never picked up that one cuz – Yardley makes perfumes not facewashes, and the lavender color doesn’t attract me a lot & I hate avocado that’s used in it…..

But you know what!!!! That face-wash makes my skin dance 🙂 Literally..I felt so good using it, my (difficult-to-understand) skin loved it..

But I would’ve never picked it!!!!! Out of all the fruit face-washes and the face scrubs, this wouldn’t even have been my last choice..

So what happened ??? My sis-in-law exchanged facewashes ….n that’s how I got my hands on this one..

With our limited knowledge of ‘ourselves’, & barely knowing ‘our-very-own’ likes and dislikes & our biases & beliefs – I think its impossible for us to find ourselves something that fits us..

We judge the book by its cover (sometimes by its movie) & we happen to lose it..

But the universe knows what’s best for us, what is it that we really need!! Be it something to wear, or be it shoes or be it a vacation spot or be it a spouse, may be a job, may be a relationship, may be friends ..


Our choices, are based on ‘what-we-think-we-like’!! Cuz we don’t know ourselves well -yet???

So its perfectly okay to make those choices, find out if they were mistakes, land up in a few wrong jobs or buy stuff that you may never use, make those connections that you never needed (or liked), hook up with the wrong gal -whatever!!!

No blame-games!! Cuz we don’t really know ourselves well..

But its also about high time, we give chances!! Its time -we trust the universe, in supporting us find that ‘Yardley- avocado-ey-face-wash’ that suits us best..

So – we don’t ‘STOP-MAKING-CHOICES’!! We just make them knowing that its best to not judge them, its best to stay open -even if we land in a ‘yuckey’ or ‘sticky’ situation, may be there’s something in it that we need at the moment..

Have you landed in such a ‘Wonder-why-I-didn’t-pick-that-one’ situation yet?? I’m sure you’d appreciate how useful it is to stay open and be receiving with both hands wide open 🙂



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