Of boxes and labels!

I really loved the quote by Gustave Flaubert : “The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.”

People who don’t know me & read stuff I write may have an awesome idea of who I may be, but worry not!! What I write is what I believe in. Being and believing can be different sometimes.

That’s why I feel, it’s always best to believe in the potential of the person rather than judge the person for who one is. Sorting people and putting them in boxes with labels can be quite limiting.

Everyone seeks pretty labels like  ‘Confident’ or ‘Peaceful’, ‘Beautiful’, ‘Youthful’, ‘Patient’ or whatever. But yeah, labels are restricting. They can make someone’s day in the form of a compliment, a genuine one! Rest of the times, they only work backwards, in the direction moving away from progress.


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