Come touch your soul!!!

Have you come across music that sucks you in completely? Music that allows you to touch your soul?

Have you felt that moment when you felt yourself getting immersed into music or nature or into any art….?

Beauty that belittles you, makes you feel like a tiny dot in the ever changing universe? Felt that way?

No!!! -Then I invite you to listen to a track that has this potential!!

There’s one bhajan, my most fav one, which I always ask my husband to sing for me, when I feel disturbed! And this bhajan kinda puts me back in place. The composition is such that it kinda soothes you and assures you that everything will be good 🙂

And this is a very beautiful rendition of my most favorite bhajan – Hey Shyam Sundara..

Listen to it cuz you will love it & it will shake you up before it settles you down 🙂






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