Celebrating three decades of being ALIVE!!!

At 10, its the number of birthday presents that one counts!

At 20, its the number of friends who remember your birthday & make you feel special..

I’ve really moved on now, from counting presents to counting all my blessings in life -that’s a gift! What else can one ask, after crossing a threshold of 3 decades of being alive πŸ™‚

This day is so important as it brings so much clarity to me, paves the road forward for me – something I really longed for in the last 10 years..

And this day makes way for me to thank the universe, almighty for all the grace & love that I’m being showered with..

Having a loving family by one’s side is the best gift anyone can ask & I’m already gifted in that space πŸ™‚ Blessed with independence, balanced Career, time for creativity, opportunities of connecting with loving people across the globe & constant shower of divine grace- the most important gift I can ever ask for – My heart overflows with gratitude…

Signing off on a very happy note filled with truck loads..no city loads..no planet loads of gratitude πŸ™‚


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