Wholesome Freedom???

I received something in my mailbox today, few minutes back & I’m quite thankful for its timely arrival. Meditation Monday sent me some lines (quite a few) on Criticism by Nissim Amon. I don’t know how I received, cuz I don’t remember subscribing to “Meditation Monday” ..

Never the less, the email was a beautiful gift..Some lines of which I felt the urge to share here.

“The realization that you are neither superior nor inferior to anyone is a very high spiritual achievement. When this understanding is no longer purely intellectual but goes to the deepest level of your heart, it will give you the freedom that you seek, and also allow you the freedom of letting everyone else, be exactly who they are and whatever they choose to be.”

So beautifully said, when this understanding moves to the deepest level of one’s heart (& stops being an intellectual understanding) – One will be free..

Now the question I’m wrestling with is, how to make it operate from the deepest level of one’s heart??

I know, that the journey isn’t going to be easy. It will need determination & will power at every step..

And knowing well, the type of learner I am, unless I try my hand at something I won’t learn how to do it.. No instructions help me..

So how do I try my hand at something I’m so badly wrestling with? Something that paralyses me, disallows me to take action,rather blinds me completely..

Feeling frustrated, yet hopeful!!

Longing for ‘Pure, wholesome, healing – FREEDOM’


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