A sense of coming home???

Have you felt this nice feeling of finding your way back home?
A feeling like wow, things are now falling in place like everything seems sync’d and it’s like how a traveller loses track for a while and then finds his way back..

Have you experienced anything of that sort?

I’m feeling that way!! Yesterday as I was waiting at the airport, I met an acquaintance and a friend- these were 2 people I hadn’t met in like at least 5 to 7 years..

But the way I could instantly reconnect was astonishing – for me as an individual.. I had stopped being this trusting person, this person whose soul would light away with connections 🙂

And it surely felt like coming home:-)
The power of connections always amazes me.

How we meet people during journeys and they continue to be in lives there after..

After all all of us need a listening ear, some warmth of the heart, someone to smile to .. And the universe makes sure we always have such chances..

Have you felt this feeling of coming home?
I did for sure yesterday 🙂



PS: This blog-post is my way of confirming/ reinforcing my beliefs !! Judging me / Assessing me based on these posts can be done at one’s own risk :)

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