What’s your headache saying out loud to you???

Our sicknesses or aches or pains are not always what we think they are!!

Our bodies have been made with so much love and perfection that they are perfectly capable to take care of themselves, on AUTO PILOT!!!

I’ve observed, when I’m sick, just giving my body a good amount of rest is enough to get it back on track! That’s only if I allow it to – by not worrying about what’s wrong with it, why are the medicines not working or why is the pain not receding..bla blah blah

Our headaches, stomach upsets or back aches , pains are not what they appear to us..

Its our body’s umpteen attempts to communicate with us that something needs to be done or undone or let go..

When I’m worrying too much about anything or holding on to some thoughts/ opinions/ or something mean, my weight goes up!!

Even wondering about ‘Why am I putting on so much weight’ is a good reason to add on to it!!

Whatever is happening inside us, gets manifested outside : on a physical level..

So you hold on to a thought excessively, your body holds on to all that excessive weight..

You resist anything excessively, your body will also resist and that may lead to clogged pores leading to acne or a constipated digestive system, or stiffness in various parts of your body, may be a stiff neck or whatever..

You are excessively stressed, just check out what that does to your back.. It will surely hurt!!

So our bodies are all perfect!! When we, the residents of our body give it a tough time, our bodies try to manage at their levels.. But when it can’t anymore, they are shouting at the top of their voices..

But are we listening?? We are busy worrying about what’s wrong with our body and making matters worse..

I’ve observed gratitude has a magical effect in healing our bodies!! Cuz when we are sick, if we offer gratitude, we suddenly change the situation from a ‘worry causing’ one to an opportunity that invites healing!! We thank the universe for the sickness and allow the healing to enter into our lives thus making it much better for our bodies..

Healing is very beautiful!! Getting healed is such a beautiful feeling.. We can heal ourselves constantly by offering gratitude

So next time your body talks to you in these signals, please listen well cuz its a beautiful opportunity for healing 🙂

4 responses to “What’s your headache saying out loud to you???

  1. Very timely piece I feel achey and tired I try to go to bed early, eat better and rest, yet i know I was the one who did this to me somehow and now I must fix it. I would have to say STRESS is the number one factor in many health issues. Thanks for the decent reminder that I must be kind to myself and appreciate the times I feel well.

  2. Hi Shraddha,

    Loved the post. What resonated for me is this line:

    “Whatever is happening inside us, gets manifested outside : on a physical level.”

    I would venture to add that our emotions and thoughts not only manifest physically, as you say, but also in the perspective we hold, the future that we write for ourselves.No amount of superficially trying to cover it up would work. As the saying goes,” What we resist, persists”.

    So do you see the loop going back to form a full cycle? What happens inside –> manifested outside –> effects our thoughts, emotions etc and thus effects what happens inside….. and so on endlessly.

    So Shraddha, I leave you with these questions.

    What could you do to support your client to break out of this cycle?
    How would you know that he has been able to do so?

    In Learning……


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