Do you really need what you think you do?

Every human being is different from each other. What one human being wants, may not be wanted by another human being!!

Now-a-days, the number of ads that one can see online : talking of online businesses that can make one richer, how to earn from home, blah blah blah – they can easily attract any sane person into it, irrespective of whether he deeply chooses it or not..

Also I’ve seen people, who, when they look at what others have, quickly jump to the conclusion that they need it too! And then they hoard themselves of that stuff, and it lies around in their space uselessly..

Come on folks!! Think for yourself – Do we really need it?

There can be no limit to our desires. Its a thought that says ‘WE need a CAR’, ‘WE need DIAMONDS’, ‘WE need A HUGE HOUSE’…

And once we follow this train of thought and believe in it, it makes sure we can never stay happy.. Cuz once we have one of the things in the list, it shouts ‘but you don’t have the rest..’

And the best part is this list isn’t a one that knows its end..Its endless 🙂 We will die one day but this list won’t.

Its very important for us to focus on what we choose to have in our lives. We can get whatever we choose, but sometimes when we choose superficially, our soul doesn’t choose it and hence it doesn’t come to us..

Then we blame around the law of attraction saying it doesn’t work!! I’m attracting money, its not coming in my life !!

Cuz may be you don’t choose it!! May be you choose the experiences that come with having just enough..

If one wishes, one can just dive deep into one’s soul & ask : What is it that you choose dear soul?

The answers will surely come! And when they do, one will know which ads to listen to and which ones to ignore..

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