Salute to the feminine power, to Maa Durga!!

On the occasion of Ashtami, as we seek the blessings from Maa Durga, its also important to thank the feminine power that exists all around us. This post is a salute to every feminine aspect:

Pen sketch by Dipayn: Colours of Passion

Pen sketch by Dipayn: Colours of Passion

She looks graceful, she looks very mild

yet she can fight the entire world,

if needed, for the sake of her dear child!!

Her entire life, she spends for others

keeping her needs, below everyone else’s,

even when her child ignores her, but has time for others..

As a wife, she works as hard as her other half,

yet balances all her responsibilities

its a tough thankless job, yet she manages somehow..

She knows she can’t afford to give up

and so she stands strong, and resilient

I wonder where she gets such endless strength..

As a sister, she shares all that she has with you

her childhood, her memories, maybe even toys

and even when she grows up, she continues to share her joys..

You think, you aught to protect her,

but she is very very strong

she will fight the family & the rest for you, all the way long..

As dadi or nani, she may look old and weak

but check out how patient she is

when, with her stories she puts you to sleep..

She pampers you with her love and affection,

and fights your parents even when you’re wrong

when she gets old, and needs your support -she still very strong..

As a daughter, she looks up to you,

and follows you like crazy, cuz her dad is the

best man she knows in the whole world..

She constantly follows you, even when you’re old

cuz even though she has another life to run

She can never forget what you’ve done..

As a friend, she could be the joy giver,

she could be the listener, she could be the helper

her very presence in your life, makes you feel light

Your male friends could mean more fun to you

but she has a special place

she will manage the rest of her life pretty well, and honor you ,your space..

She may be a wife, mother, sister,

She may be your granny, your friend or your daughter..

She will choose ‘you’ come what may, but she has a life of her own too

She has patience, she has strength, she is a care giver

She has love, she has laughter, she has peace..

She is a human being after all, she may break down when she feels

She is not just her anger, or stress, or mood swings,

She is a lot more than you can ever perceive

In the depths of her heart, she can always forgive…

We are all lucky to have her,

yet we may never ever mention

till it gets really late, when she exists only as her essence…

This post is a salute to all the women in my life, both my moms, both my sisters, all 4 of my grannies, my niece & all my gal friends & also a salute to all the women I know..

What it means to be a woman, one can only know by being one..

Hats off to the feminine power , the Maa Durga that resides in each one of us..

Happy Ashtami 🙂


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