This Dussehra, lets first burn down all our GUILT!!

Happy Dussehra to all the readers and followers of this blog!!


I know all of us are busy getting ready to burn down all the evil qualities inside us!! Gr8 initiative..but wait, lets first start with burning our guilt down!! WHY???

Our guilt is nothing but our minds holding us responsible for some perceived default..

Okay so i made this commitment, and couldn’t keep it!! My mind shouts out loudly – YOU ARE GUILTY!!

Okay, I can’t pull myself out of bed before 9 am!!Β My mind shouts out loudly – YOU ARE GUILTY!!

We cannot please the whole world!! Come on, your parents will ask you to follow something, your friends will ask you to follow something else, your spouse/ gf/bf will ask you to follow something, your family will say something else, and the analysts and media people of various countries will be saying a lot of various things…

You can never do one thing and please them all!! And whenever you displease any sector or category of people: Your mind will say : YOU ARE GUILTY…

Forget about everyone else: You don’t listen to your own inner voice: Again “YOU ARE GUILTY”

Lets burn this guilt down, cuz it serves no one..It just makes you feel ashamed/ pulls you down/ tells you you are not worth it – and for what result??? Lower productivity? Lesser self esteem? Low self confidence?

What can really benefit us all is taking responsibility rather than accepting blame!!

Okay so I din’t keep my commitment this time! I’m not gonna listen to “you are guilty” I’m gonna listen to – “Its okay shraddha, be alert next time you give your word. It happens that sometimes we are unable to keep our word..From next time either you try harder and keep your word or don’t commit easily..that’s it”

And I’m done!!

And not everyone is gonna like my post cuz I know I can’t please everyone..

But if you don’t wanna burn/throw your guilt away, its your load that you’re carrying on your tiny shoulders.. Not mine..

I’m light and guiltfree..

I’m not here to confirm to other’s ideas!! Especially if those ideas are so closed that they’ll tie me down if I don’t follow them..

I’m here to follow my heart, live my life and set myself free..

If you wanna burn your guilt, just release yourself (by imagining yourself getting rid of all that dead weight you’ve been carrying since you were a child) and feel yourself lighter, much more energised!!

Say this to yourself – I love myself come what may!! I love myself come what may..

And this love is not about being self centred.. If we burn down our guilt, we wont be holding others responsible when they default too..We will just love them for all their ‘perceived-by-us mistakes’

Its okay to make mistakes!! Its okay to default!! Its okay to follow rules or not follow them..

As long as we are in sync with ourselves, in tune with ourselves – We are light!!

Happy ‘GUILT-FREE’ Dussehra!!

7 responses to “This Dussehra, lets first burn down all our GUILT!!

  1. Great post Shraddha ma’am! Really love your views, and I hope that we are able to go easy on ourselves, and eradicate all the unnecessary guilt and ill- feelings about our own selves that are stuck in our head. And, I hope to hear from you and read your posts soon. πŸ™‚

    • Hey Hardeep! So good to hear from you.
      Did you reach in time for your cousins wedding?
      Are you back in Chandigarh?
      Stay in touch. I’m waiting to read your poetry (published on your blog) so hope to see that soon.

      • Yes, I did reach in time for the wedding, braving cancelled trains and bus journeys. And yes, I’m back in Chandigarh now.

        And regarding my poetry, I don’t feel very comfortable in sharing it online, somehow, as it totally exposes my state of mind to the readers. So, I prefer to share it with limited people. However, I shall publish my prose articles on the blog, if I write anything. And, you too keep in touch, and post more stuff here. πŸ™‚

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