How ‘WELL CONNECTED’ are we?

You may say- Full time connected on fb, twitter, linked-In, Whatsapp, BBM…..

But is that real connection?

Connections used be those satisfying interactions we used to have with our extended family members, friends, neighbours, the happy times laughing at jokes cracked by one of those funny uncles, or laughing at the gossip shared by the aunty next door….

We used to have enough time for ourselves too. to read or play our fav sport or introspect about the future….

The times now have just gotten too fast!! They say communication has improved and the world is getting smaller..

But I feel the earth as its getting smaller, people are getting more and more isolated. Communication has improved, but only the potential of communication. We may be sitting next to someone and yet not ask them how’s their day or try to peep into their world. Everyone seems to be diving into their cell phones, for fb updates or for chatting with friends….

The Human connection is growing weaker by the day. We spend equal time at work as home. The trust levels are coming down as the competition at work increases. We shut ourselves when at work. When at home we’re too stressed out..

Are we even connected with ourselves??? Do we know what is it that we’re really seeking? Do we know what makes us happy?

Maybe the answer is as simple as a walk outside, or a heart to heart chat with one of our old friends..Yet we don’t have time to ask ourselves the question or may be listen to the answer..

We may get promoted at work every 2 years and give our family the lifestyle they expect, but are we creating those bonds with them that will stay with them for their life? Will our children take a day off from work to see us or meet us , maybe 30 years from now? Will they be so close enough to us for them to feel that way?

Or are we setting an example of a busy hectic work life, in order to enjoy the luxuries? They may get busy too & why not, we taught them that way of life…

Nuclear families are a way of life now so our children may not know what it is to spend time with grandparents!! Even if the chances exist, they may choose to dive into their cell phones than rather connect with the oldie golds of the family..

With both parents working, the children get used to getting their totally crazy demands met. Do we know who is setting an example for them at the day care/ creche??

Is progress and moving ahead, and having a gr8 lifestyle -everything in life???

Spending a lot of money on expensive vacations once a year – is that more important than spending quality time regularly with your family??

There is nothing wrong, if that’s a priority!! But we are humans after all. A large part of our human experience involves dealing with different type of people, taking care, giving love, creating memories, laughing, loving, spending time with those who are close to us, listening to them, sharing our joys ……..

And also there is a deep urge for us to connect internally with ourselves, do stuff that gives us pure joy that money can’t buy. May be get our hands dirty in the garden for weeks to see that bloom. The joy that it gives you cannot be compared to anything, right??

May be go for a run or a jog to feel the silence? May be make music to feel that divine connection inside?

Create that card for a loved one that speaks volumes rather than that sms that takes few seconds to be sent..

May be you don’t like reading this.. May be you do..

I’m just expressing myself. I’m not here to judge what’s right and wrong!!

Just feel the urge to ask ‘How well connected are you?’ And you’re absolutely not answerable to me..

2 responses to “How ‘WELL CONNECTED’ are we?

  1. This goes to the obervationI had about a call I just finishe. a friend called me reather than emailing me to discuss an agenda for a upcoming Skpye call. we connected so much beter in the 30 or so minutes we took to complete that 30 second task. May we take the time to enjoy each other.

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