Capping the fountain of life

Colours, chocolates, WordPress, my zig-zag scissors along with my craft stuff, pop corn, ice tea, movies, music, my i phone, tv, desserts, chatting with my hubby, surfing fb, peeping into people’s worlds thru the Internet , a journal – so many options that can consume my time, at this very moment!!!

But nothing tempts me! Yup I’m using WordPress right now so gotta strike that off the list.
Generally there is so much stuff on my mind, any three or four out of the long list mentioned above but right now I’m blank.

Wondering if life is really about these list of things our minds run thru all the time! So I just let myself come up with all the stuff that my mind is on generally thru d day and I’m surprised!!!!

My life is pretty limited!!!!!!
Yep, that’s right! There’s nothing more than choice of food, choice of stuff to watch, choice of stuff to surf, choice of stuff to listen, choice of friends to stay connected with, and a few other boring choices to make : that’s it!! That’s all my mind focuses on currently…

Is this what life is really about?
I got out of the house for a while, for a walk and I chose to not carry my iPhone along.
I was pretty much breathing…..with my mind on my breathing which never really happens and I felt the cool breeze and I tried to simply focus on my breath.

And none of those options that I’m choosing from were existent. All I felt was my breath and some kind of hit!! A hit that we aren’t really going anywhere. Our energy is always in those choices that we assume takes us forward but all it takes for everything to halt is the stopping of this breath and whoosh we will be starting from square one…

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t do stuff at all cuz finally we are getting nowhere!! I’m saying we have severely limited our lives to these bane n boring choices and somehow assumed this is all the life we have got .. I’m talking for myself here and not accusing you if you’re thinking so..

But life is magnificent!! Life is a whole lot of stuff that we haven’t even thought of yet..
Fun stuff like may be saving someone’s life, or may be being that someone we have never thought we could be!! Fearless, all achieving , the one with the Midas touch: creating gold simply by our touch!! Having the capacity to love everyone equally, serving the whole world with love ….

Yup life is pretty magnificent and extraordinary unless we wanna cap it off..

2 responses to “Capping the fountain of life

    • Thanks Sylvie!! Been unable to blog or even visit wordpress since a long time. Me n my hubby r expecting our first baby in mid of June this year hence been totally out of the blogging space.
      Thanks for the nomination dear.
      Keep in touch take care


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