Inspiring or Perfect? What would you choose to be?

I’ve always wanted to be like those authors whose tiny articles In local newspapers are such an impact. These articles have been such an inspiration for me, that I’ve always wanted to do the same.

Write inspirational stuff that has the potential to change people.

The only goof up I made, when I chose to inspire was that I misinterpreted it as perfection!

So I had to be perfect before I could allow myself to inspire others. How silly of me to get the two confused.

Why should anybody be perfect? And what is perfection? It’s a definition that changes person to person,and is mostly unattainable cuz that’s how we define it for ourselves!

So here I am, totally in awe of all my flaws, my imperfections, wholeheartedly choosing to inspire!

Have you got ‘perfection’ jumbled up with other words from your vocabulary?

Time to see the distinction šŸ™‚


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