Joys in the attic?

When I revisit my childhood days, the word joy is redundant!

It’s like a beautiful movie. Those times when I dirtied my clothes big time playing in the rain, eating hot poha made lovingly by mom after our tiring swim, celebrating our birthdays at school by distributing candy, friends time out on the day the exams got over, ice cream nights and walk at the park with mom n dad to celebrate our results, excitement of having my hair cut (I feel the joy even now), drawing and painting lessons at school, spending time after school at your best friend’s place….

The list is so long.

Wonder what happens when we grow up! We take our life way too seriously.

Now that I have a kid, whenever I get serious about his behaviour or his tantrums, I remind myself : duddz he is just a kid.

And when I do that, I like to share space with him, and become a kid myself. Splash water on myself n get wet daily as I bathe him, laugh with him loudly, get excited on seeing something simple like a cat meowing….

Have we left the joys where our childhood ended?

Time to pull them out of the attic!


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