What’s your ‘special’?

It’s such a silly idea to follow others blindly. I mean just cuz the crowd makes it look like a happening place (simply by being there in large numbers) it doesn’t mean that it’s ‘happening’ enough for you.

Most girls who go to hair salons, like to pamper their hair with some treatments. And their hair looks great when it’s conditioned and blow dried. But for me, my hair ends up worse. It loses it’s bounce and volume, leaving me with a lighter wallet n a frown on my face.

Following the crowd isn’t such a great idea then. It’s best to see what leverages your strengths, highlights your passion, and makes you look and feel special.


Each one of is unique. Just cuz someone else doesn’t have it or doesn’t see it in you, doesn’t make your ‘special’ go away. Your ‘special’ is right there simply waiting to be noticed, of all people by YOU.

Are you aware of what’s your ‘special’?


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