Refresh those beliefs!!


We are so used to complaining all the time, that we forget we are in charge of our lives!

We act like we are watching an India -Pakistan match which we desperately want India to win, yet we can’t do anything other than scream at our cricketers and blame the ones who failed us.

Come on!! Its your life!

Now, lets not blame ourselves for acting like a victim all the time. Like I said, choosing to be a victim is always easy.

It makes us feel safe as we pass the blame on to someone else, as if we are doing the best we could do, yet horrible stuff is happening to us. That’s a safe feeling that unfortunately takes us nowhere.

Instead, if we re-evaluate the beliefs that back us in these situations, we can change a lot here.

Our beliefs are around making that impression on someone, someone else liking us, the world appreciating us, our ability to fake our world in order to appear perfect.

We’d rather feel rotten inside than to admit that our life isn’t working well.

Starting over isn’t tough! It starts with being okay with whoever we are, wherever we are, whoever we are with! When we are okay with it, its easier to find solutions to the situation. Resisting the situation is the fastest way to ensure we are hanging in there.

Which belief are you backed up with? Time to take charge and f5 them 🙂

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