Finally here!

A post from last year, when life was so much different!! Am so grateful, that I’ve started blogging again ❤ n grateful for Ekaansh in my life..


Long time since I wrote or visited my blog. Why today? One of those days when you just want to love yourself. Want to stop doing stuff for others and for a while just do stuff that allows you to breathe – allows you to pause and love yourself.

Being a mommy, brings me so much joy for which I am always grateful. But it also brings along challenges. Challenges like getting over all your insecurities about being capable of handling your baby well, the judgment trap that your mind puts you in when others give you millions of suggestions about how to be a great parent, getting to know and understand this tiny little beautiful being that’s attached to you now, and off course not letting anyone shake you into believing that you’re causing or intending to cause harm to your baby…

There are times when you just wanna…

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