5 tips to survive the ‘half way- giving up’ syndrome ;-)

It’s the same old story! Monday resolutions, a week long enthusiastic stance, slip back into old ways, boom- there goes that change we were going to make happen!! 

If there is something you seriously intend to make happen or habits you intend to change, here are few tips that could save you from giving up.

1. Don’t wait to start tomorrow or a Monday or new year! Take one small step today. If you intend to exercise daily, don’t wait for that Monday. Start now, take that post dinner walk. You will feel great and motivated to do so again tomorrow. 

2. Be flexible about your daily goals. We are setting this goal to feel good, not to fall into a perfection trap! If following the goal has to feel good, it better work for us. And to make it work, we got to let it be flexible. Any time of the day, or any where or any how. Doing it is important! Not how and when.

3. When you’re about to give up, marginally push yourself. It’s so easy to reach 80 percent and then give up! It sometimes feels okay to give up. Yet when you’re on that line, just about to give up, push yourself marginally! Going from 80 to 90 isn’t a lot of effort. A slight push and you’re there. 

4. When you default on any day, relax! Beating ourselves up for missing that workout won’t help. Infact it would encourage us to give up on working out. So what to do? Chill there. Breaking the rule once is okay as long as you intend to get back on track tomorrow. 

5. Stick around however and whatever! Once you’re in the groove of following that activity say your daily workout, you will see a shift in energy. You are motivated to do more. Now is the crucial time, you may feel like slipping back into your old shoes. So stay there, give yourself a pat on your back and continue on the same track! Use all the above tips to stay focused and to stick around!

It’s not really that difficult. With lots of self love and determination, we all can get there. Most of all, it’s laziness that obstructs us. 

Are you geared up to keep going?


2 responses to “5 tips to survive the ‘half way- giving up’ syndrome ;-)

    • Yay!!! Just shared a quite on my fb page ‘beautiful you’. It goes like ‘ you may be the only person in the world who believes in you! But you know what, that’s enough 🙂 cuz it takes only a single spark to light the flame’ n I believe in you too so now we make two 🙂 have fun as you push yourself .. N if you feel like sharing with me your outcome, I’d be here cheering you on…

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