Forgiveness and tolerance

There is no end to emotions like hatred and acts of violence! Country after country, religion after religion, colour after colour, gender after gender,gender roles after gender roles,species after species! Where does it stop?

Is it really so hard for us to feel oneness? That we all are alive, we all need similar necessities like food,oxygen, clothes, a roof to live under and above all love?

We’re trying to get one up, by killing/hurting our own kind! And where do we think it’s going to take us? 

Watching this movie ‘little boy’ was an eye opener for me. I was left wondering, what could possibly be the way to bring this world, this beautiful world feel all the love? 

Where does all the hatred come from? I guess it comes from our egos, that expect the world to behave in a certain way. When our expectations aren’t met, the easiest option is hate! I wasn’t treated well, so I hate. My parents weren’t treated well so I hate. My country, my colour, my gender wasn’t treated well so I HATE!!

Is it really so easy to hate? To hurt others? Aren’t we hurting ourselves, our own kind, our own fellow ‘living beings’ ? 

Where does this post lead me? The only take away, capable of being acted upon,at least for me, is forgiveness and tolerance! I wish each one of us, all of us who are alive today, choose to tolerate one another, choose tolerance over hurt. If not all of us, at least me!

And believe me, it isn’t really easy! When someone you love judges you, I see a really big hole in my energy field draining me, and I see the person happily working on that emptiness to make it bigger n bigger. Can they help it? May be its their emptiness that just expands to our energy field😔😢

The weight of expectations we allow ourselves to carry – that’s the factor that needs to go..

If we can forgive and tolerate ourselves for every ‘wrong’ that we perceive we’ve done, I guess we can forgive any one and everyone else. Charity as they say, begins at home. All we need is to have a big heart to say ‘it’s okay you! You goofed up and it’s okay!’ Whoever the ‘you’ is..

Whether it is ourself or any one else. Doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that, that ‘you’ is forgiven!!

John Lennon’s ‘imagine’ is something I ‘imagine’ too. I believe in it too. Il do my little to get there 🙂

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