OMG!! I learn differently & so do you?

We all are unique! Let’s find out our styles and love them 🙂 this one is on our learning styles! Enjoy ❤


You know what? Every person learns differently!!

When I was studying engineering, the easiest way for me to learn was to tell others how something works!! I was always tempted to explain some of the lessons to someone else.For me, that was how I studied!!

So sitting alone at home, prepping up for my exam- never ever worked for me!! I would end up watching TV and killing time! There was nothing wrong with the subjects I was studying or there was nothing wrong about my attitude for studying – It was just an INAPPROPRIATE STYLE of LEARNING!

I failed in one of my papers, and then I decided I’m not gonna study at home. Me n my 2 friends – we would sit on one of the benches in our college garden, and we would be studying!! Sometimes, reading stuff to ourselves, sometimes sitting on the lawn and figuring…

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