A lil closer….to loving myself!

There are times when I feel like I’m in the middle of a huge fight! It’s all in my head, a struggle, chaos, tension. I tap, I try to sit with it. It just doesn’t leave my back. 

And to throw it out of my system, I often need an argument, a fight or maybe a heated discussion with one of my loved ones. That’s when I see the issue I’m facing.

Last few days have been tough, and I’ve been struggling with issues of trust. It’s been a rough few days, with me ending up hurting my loved ones. At the end of it, when you see what it was all about, there’s a feeling that pulls you down, leaves you feeling unloved.

I was feeling this way till say two minutes back. And then suddenly, I heard a voice saying ‘it’s okay! I still love you’. I couldn’t believe this voice in my head, which apparently jumped in front of me, as if hugging me really tight, giving me so many kisses n saying to me, ‘it’s okay! I will always love you’

It was me! N I’m not mad 😉 yeah. It was me, for the first time feeling this level of love. I remembered all those times that I had failed, n my inner voice putting me down. That’s changed!! 

My inner voice loves me 🙂

And I believe, all these arguments or heated exchanges always have a positive side to them. They resolve many issues and bring together everyone involved,closer. 

Hoping that I move much closer to my dear students, who were on the receiving side of such a disturbing monologue! Filling myself with hope n love.


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