Watch your space!

Best thing bout watching our space is we can change our choice anytime 🙂 I choose the space of love and security, one of trust 🙂


What kind of space are we operating from? Have you thought for yourself?

Is it a space of inadequacy? A space where all attempts kind of fall short? Or is it a space of self defence? A space where every thought and action of ours is intended towards defending oneself?

Is it a space of competition? Where one is always trying to be better than the ones around? Or a space of indifference? Where one does not care about what is happening in the other’s life?

A space of selfishness- where our needs are of utmost priority? Or a space of serving others?

I’m not asking you to judge that space and sort it as right / wrong or whatever. Simply observe…

Observe your intention.. Without controlling or changing it. Simply observe it. Look it in the eye

choose your space

Is it a space you would choose to operate from? Or is…

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