Celebrations, not comparisons..

Two days back, I heard my cousin bro perform. He plays the guitar so well and sings awesomely awesome too. Yet I felt like he dint know the value of his talent..  

Nikhil – you’re my rock star ..bro!! There will be a day, we both won’t have to remember Michael Jackson as the popular star who we share our birthday with. Trust my words. N that day, I’m gonna loot your pockets.. Mind my words

All of us, we’re so self critical all of the time that we lose out on having fun! My blog crossed 25,000 hits yesterday n all that I could think was, other blogs who have hits in lakhs. I kept feeling small.

I realized though, that my blog can’t reach hits in lakhs unless it crosses this tiny milestone. Forget 25k, even hits in single digits is a milestone. There is nothing like small or big. Ours is a journey, and we ought to celebrate our milestones.

That’s how, I pushed myself to acknowledge the milestone on my fb page. We can’t keep feeling small all the time. There is nothing wrong in that but if we do, we will never feel contented. We will always feel small, not successful, fat or not slim or not fair, or not beautiful, ……

The beginning is a tiny space in our hearts that compels us to feel whole, feel beautiful, feel good, feel worth, feel successful!!

So go ahead n feel good, feel whole! Be like my 14 month old son who doesn’t think twice before clapping for himself. Be bold, clap for yourself, appreciate yourselves.

This is one of the many lessons my son, Ekaansh teaches me. We need celebrations n not comparisons 

Adios. Signing off with loadsa love n gratitude in my heart.


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