Slow down….

It’s just way too beautiful!! The smile flaunting 4 cute teeth, with eyes that close as the smile lightens up. Yeah, that’s my son smiling when he is playing with me (trying to bite me,lol). 

I realize I’m moving from one moment to another, looking for my escape plan, all the time. I miss out on such gifted moments but not anymore. I’m consciously being present to my thoughts, especially when I’m around my 15 month kid.

There will be a time when he will be into stuff that’s not related to me anymore, just like I’m into stuff that’s not related to my moms (most of the times;-)) and today’s moments will be the only solace.

 So why on earth should I moan, cuz when I get you alone, you know I feel okay…lol had that song running in my head looks like 😉

Jokes apart, there is nothing much to complain, worry or regret! One moment at a time, of fun, love, presence, beauty…

No need of an escape. If I’m present I need not escape. Haha 

The escapist in me finds it tough but I’m making it. One moment at a time.

Signing off


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