The freedom of choosing ordinary!

At times we surprise ourselves doing stuff we never usually do just as we shock ourselves for behaving in a manner that’s not usually our style. Why do these inconsistencies happen?

I was wondering about stuff that separates successful people from the ordinary. There’s no doubt, that each one of us has potential to tap into the extra-ordinary hiding inside of us. Yet very few do it and that’s what separates them from the rest. The ability to excel,never give up, reject complacency every single time, their perseverance.

It’s really easy to accept ordinary. To not stretch ourselves at all. To stop instead of walking ahead, to give up on doing something that sounds or appears tough.

I’m guilty too. Choosing the easy way out isn’t a crime. Settling for less isn’t a crime. Choosing ordinary when extra ordinary could be an option, isn’t a crime. Choosing to stand still as opposed to growth isn’t wrong.

When I interact with my students, I seem to forget all this. I forget that their life is their choice.

I remember, one of my chemistry professors, used to expect this kind of sincerity from us. One day, he threw out all those students who had defaulted in submitting an assignment. It scared me cuz I didn’t like to be out of his class. A simple insulting act changed my life cuz defaulting on assignments was never an option for me after that.

All said n done, it’s always an individuals choice of how they want to live it. If I chose to be complacent, I guess I wouldn’t like to be told what needs to be done. The person in the shoes only can choose options, not the onlooker.

So, it’s a lesson for me. To grant everyone around me, the freedom to learn their lessons in their ways, at their time.


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