If only….

If only each sunrise woke us to morning joys, joys that made each mundane chore turn magically into a smile beam, the music in our ears paving the way for the rest of the day.

If only each breath, led us into the present, the present gift wrapped by our potential to be happy and in joy, the twinkle in our eyes strengthening our roots into the present.

If only each moment, was devoid of the race to reach somewhere, and held only hope for knowing who we really are, our beautiful self turning in higher and higher.

If only each thought, led us happily into ourselves, and the rest of ourselves around us, filling our hearts with peace and silent joy, letting us live with love and harmony.

If only each act, was filled with love towards our loved, and in return expect only more and more of love and joy, allowing the love to bask in on us, expanding into the world.

If only our eyes spoke, instead of our tongues and arms, the only language our hearts know, the fabric of trust, harmony would be spreading across the globe.

If only we could see the beauty inside of us, waiting to spread onto everyone who gets near, not criticism or comparisons but only pure beauty in their perfect form.

If only we could break the walls inside and love ourselves, keeping judgment at bay, and open our minds to love and joy, the world would be nothing but heaven.

If only we treated nature our true home, and loved her back as if she was our mother, and treated everyone alive as our brothers n sisters, the earth indeed would be one huge happy family.


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