My rendition of the ‘sahasrara’

Radiating at the frequency of violet color, the ‘sahasrara’ happens to be the seventh chakra. Also known as the crown chakra, it’s located above our head.

This chakra signifies our connection with the divine (self). 

This chakra happens to be my favorite (also my best as I believe,in my case it’s at its best most of the times). It’s name ‘sahasrara’ means thousand as this chakra is a thousand petaled lotus.

The image above is my rendition of the sahasrara! I imagine it to be a lotus with infinite petals, each petal so imperfect yet bringing so much balance and beauty to the entire lotus.

At its center, I imagined the yin and yang. The summation of all that I am & all that I am not! There is a bit of ‘me’ in ‘what I am not’, and a bit of ‘what I am not’ in ‘me’, as represented by the dots inside..

Each petal, has a growth trajectory of itself, a lot like all the souls embodied on earth. Yet, the lotus is quite unattached to the individual growth story the same time incomplete without each of the petals ..

It’s like the big picture! It focuses only on the whole, in spite of the parts having such a unique story to tell..

That’s my interpretation of the sahasrara..

Comments and inputs are most welcome 🙂

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