Light at the end of the tunnel- A photo post!!

An old post!! One of my fav 😍


I’ve been really lucky to have bagged this golden opportunity of weekly visits to Pune!!

First n foremost, I get to visit my parents who stay with my 93 + years aged grandmom. The thought of my parent’s having only 2 daughters makes me feel lonely inside. Aging in this manner, carrying forward responsibilities of an old mother n staying alone (with neither me or my sis staying with them) seems like a horrible thing to me..

And so I’m lucky to have got this work assignment, which allows me to spend some time every week with my mom n dad 🙂 🙂 🙂

This weekly shuttle is very beautiful also cuz my work is extremely satisfying!! So much so that I feel energetic, no matter how early I’ve to get up n travel for almost 4 hours- one way…

The last but not the least is that it offers…

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