Aryaa Akshay is here❤️

A new identity, for new times to come.

It’s been more than 5 years now, since I envisioned writing a book, authored under the name of Aryaa Akshay.

Aryaa means goddess Durga and Akshay means infinite!! 

Back then, when I created a hand crafted vision board for myself, I never thought life would come full circle when I finally realize what this means.

Most of my life, I remember feeling hollow and numb cuz I wasn’t aware of my life purpose. As a child, I wondered, if God chooses everything …..what’s my part to play? If it’s all a drama after all, why am I alive? It’s weird how I was so deeply intrigued by this.

The question was superficial, till I finished Engineering!! It hit me quite hard then. It was slowly becoming more n more crucial for me to know my life purpose. The ‘not knowing’ of the answer made me feel hollow. I didn’t quite know why I did engineering.

Felt like an artist at heart after which I started writing. Writing came as a relief. It was my safe and secure corner where I could pen down my frustrations of not knowing why I was alive. 

Few years later, post my marriage, one day as I sat in my office, (obviously I hated my job cuz I wasn’t really sure of what I was doing) I felt like creating my vision board.

I took a brave decision of penning down all my hearts desires. Seemed like I desired to pursue many roles. That was simply a vent. I didn’t know how I could be so many people at one time

Yet the desire was super strong!! So I bet ten rupees on myself really hoping il get there some day!!

I stuck this vision board on my wardrobe door! It’s silly, in a few months time I created a ear-ring organizer and placed it over my vision board, and my vision board has been in hiding!!!

Such a powerful vision!! And such a powerful purpose.

I’ve travelled full circle now, knowing my life purpose. I know my dreams are my only chance at experiencing my true power.

I choose to manifest each and every bit of my vision!! My vision boards have matured over time, yet the desire stays strong.

Finally, Aryaa Akshay – the goddess inside me with infinite potential is awake!!

I embrace this new identity with blessings and gratitude❤️

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