Quit the Petty You! Choose only the Highest You❤️

It’s not our fault, that we are tuned into being petty!

We earn money, only to bargain with poor vendors, we earn money, only to think twice when someone needy asks us for help..

It’s not our fault really!! Some parent taught their children, some boss taught his subordinates, some friends taught us that we lose when we become the mightier ones..

When we pour our hearts out, we become the weak ones, who get laughed over and walked over!!

Not our fault at all!

What no one taught us was, we are the mightier ones, when we choose to forgive rather than speak badly, we are the mightier ones, when we choose to apologize rather than gossip, we are the mightier ones, when we choose to stand up for ourselves rather than get treated like a door mat, simply to look good in front of society.

We are the mightier ones, when we choose ourselves❤️

By choosing ourselves, automatically we choose to serve others, selflessly❤️

Cuz when we choose ourselves, we fill our cups to the brim, and then pouring out of that becomes easy peasy! Pettiness gone, Mightiness IN❤️

Ever wondered why small children are capable of giving us so much love? Cuz their cups are filled, even when they don’t have a dime in their pocket! Their cups are filled as they say NO simply, to protect their interest. They are our best teachers❤️

Only bad that before we can learn that lesson, we teach them to be petty, to be selfish, to stop standing up for themselves cuz some neighbor will label them something..

Not any more!!


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