Just met the best ‘MOMMY AHA’ moment of my life

Come what may, I feel like I’m worlds best n most beautiful mom❤️🎁 with a child as best n beautiful as Ekaansh, one doesn’t have any choice left. Actually each one of us has these choices.

Reasons why I know I’m the best MOMMY EVER❤️😍

– my son exactly knows when he needs hugs

– my son knows exactly how to get hugs when he needs them😍

– my son knows exactly whom he would love to give hugs (WOW)

– my son knows deep down, that it’s okay for him not to give hugs n kisses to everyone who asks for them

– my son takes pride of the fact that he is ‘thoughtful, compassionate, sharing, helping, peaceful, independent, intelligent, sweet,cute and handsome’ even though he doesn’t know yet what these words mean❤️😍 it’s okay if I told him all those cuz he really is..

– my son knows that he hits out at others only when he is hungry, cranky, tired or sleepy! And that’s okay cuz he is expressing himself 

– my son knows to express every emotion in screams and shouts, yet he is learning well how to use words to convey what he really needs

– my son expresses his love for leaves, flowers and cats, parrots by giving them a kiss❤️🎁

– my son loves to laugh and loves sharing his stuff with people his size 😍

– my son easily forgives me when I lovingly say sorry for being angry / yelling at him on ‘my bad days’

– my son is the most beautiful baby n the best gift in the whole wide world and he knows it and says it❤️🎁

– my son doesn’t mind ‘not yet being willing to use the potty’ even at age 2 years😂

– my son exactly expresses his likes and dislikes for food, and I trust that he knows his body well (just as we know ours)

– my son takes responsibility for the stuff (good or bad – he doesn’t know the label yet) he does and smiles away

– my son has the most beautiful heart ever❤️🎁 cuz he brings tears to my eyes almost daily

– my son is topmost on my gratitude list cuz manifesting him into my life has been challenging yet so fruitful 

– my son is my teacher and Il always be grateful for his presence in my life, even when I’m tired of taking care of him and needing a break..

The list can go on..

Yet this is how I feel! 

And I know I can claim to be the best mom, only cuz of my son today!!!

He is the best baby❤️🎁

And I know he will grow to be a more n more beautiful being with every passing minute!


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