A vacation from ‘social media’

Yep!! I am on a sabbatical, from social media! Don’t know how long! 

All my well wishers, know I am feeling well❤️🎁

What I’m gonna do, and have done in the past few days since my ‘not being on fb’, here’s the list:

– write, write and write with a pen and a paper, this time!!

– visualize, enjoy and offer gratitude through feelings (unlike I do the same with words on my blogposts)

– explore, be spontaneous, watch movies, have dinners with family in new places

– listen to the most beautiful voice of Abraham Hicks on you tube

– write some more

– laugh

– sit with my son with no agenda on my mind (successful so far❤️)

– make posters for my wall

– paint some more ( finished my first painting, for myself..been on my agenda for long)

– move to music more n more

– offer more gratitude 

– watch more birds outside my window

– coach some more

– say nice things

– go out more often

– say nice things more n more 😜

– visualize more

– feel joy more n more


Happy sabbatical to me❤️😍

If you’ve sent me any emails, I shall respond to you when time permits.

If you’re waiting for posts on Intuned, beautiful you or simply eager to hearing from me, please know I’m well n away from the social media..

If there’s anything else regarding which ure waiting to hear from me, kindly wait till the time is right ❤️🎁

Lotsa love n gratitude to you!!


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