Show me your soul

Beautifully worded❤️🎁
Such a beautiful invitation🎁


Prologue : I’ve always had a deep desire of genuinely connecting with people, talking about the meaning of life, their dreams, what they think about existence and the Universe ; and over the years this has only grown, which is definitely a good thing. I like to connect deeply , on a human level, and a soul level, to talk about the things that REALLY Matter. I always treasure such conversations , no matter how common or rare they might be. I love them. It’s like a gift from the universe 🙂 I’ve expressed my feelings about this in this poem which I’ve titled …

Show me your soul

I’ll share the thoughts you’ll love to keep No small talk, we’ll be talking deep

Now show me your soul, will you please ?

I’ll evoke the feelings that you have e forgotten Reminiscence what you don’t talk about often Now…

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