Wanna Paint for your home???

If any one of you wanna PAINT a Painting for your home YOURSELF – this post is for you!!

And it’s not just any painting!! It is Energy Art!!

Which means, you and your family can create a painting for your home, with a pure intention and an energy that’s specific to all of you!!!

What does that even mean???

In short, you will be painting something unique, that holds good for your home and your family!!

No imitation of art, no copy paste!!

The painting is about you, and whoever wants to create it!!

Ive realized Painting is a beautiful, most open way of expressing oneself where even words aren’t needed!! This practice definitely is a boost to our Throat chakra, which dominates the function of Communication in our life.

It acts as a ‘Mind Opener’ for people who are logic oriented!! Creative gifts would start opening up for all those who have found that they lack creativity (so far)!
It’s a fun process that would be transformational in magical ways!! It may appear like we’re getting our hands dirty in paints, yet it would open for us areas that we are blocked about

So what do you have to do?? 👇

I’d take care of the paints, the canvas and other painting gear ….or if you’d like to do it, that’s great too!

I’d love to assist you, in creating the master piece that’s all about you and your home ..

Are you ready????

If yes, ping me!!

I’d love to assist!!!

One response to “Wanna Paint for your home???

  1. Open to the infinite possibilities offered you ~~~~~~~ paint, dance, sing, write, express the one-of-a-kind unique YOU. 🙂 ❤ You have seeds of greatness within. (((SMILE))) and allow them to bloom.

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