Energy Art???? Decoding the painting Created for Ekaansh❤️

1. The art that’s created with a beautiful, pure intention most likely with a person in mind!! when I’ve created art without anyone in mind, I’ve found that the art finds itself it’s owner❤️

That’s how powerful the intention is❤️ 

2. Also, the art is created over days, with multiple layers using colors that are dominant for the person for whom the art is created! If it’s a family, the art is created using colors of every person in the family..

Colors of a person???? 

I love people! I love studying their personalities, and spending a lil time with someone, gets you prepared to know their dominant colors .. How????

If you ask me my fav color, it’s green!! Why cuz I love nature, I love greenery but there’s a deeper reason than that to it!! Something that I know now thanks to my love for personality study n behavior observation..

I am intrigued by people! I am a trainer, and I love tuning into people’s energies!! My heart chakra is open n when I visualize it, it covers almost half the planet (that’s a hyperbole hehe,but you get it, right?)! Any guesses what’s the color of the heart chakra??? yep GREEN ❤️

Logical people who are thinkers need Indigo to balance for creativity!!

Spontaneous people who hate routines need Red to balance for stability!!!

So in short, Energy art is creating an intention, a pure beautiful love infused intention, and then letting it flow, through your fingers, brushes whatever!!

3. What you see in the painting isn’t the art!!! What you’re unable to see, is the art!!

There are so many layers in the painting, that if I click pictures of each layer you would know the intention and layering!! So why don’t I click then???

Cuz it’s not to show you, it’s for the painting to have!!

Everything need not be said out loud!! It’s expressed in the painting n that’s the crucial point!!

This painting had a lot of Yellow n Orange in the first layer!! The kite was in pink n yellow n orange!!

Then why did I paint it red???

The red is an energy imprint of the flower!! It’s so strong that it covers up the sun!! So my next layer had an invisible sun on the top right, in a red n green painting!!

It was fabulous ❤️

Why didn’t I leave it at that???

Cuz the energy imprint of the flower doesn’t intend to compete with the sun!! Yet it’s so powerful that it can dull it..yet they do co -exist!!

The dark green n the tall light green strokes are energy imprints of the thin grass blades ❤️

And this art work I’ve created with lotsa love for my son!! I know he sees the sunshine inside him!! Yet this art work will hold the intention for him❤️😍

The kite is the personification of the flight when one gets to know that the true sunshine is inside them🎁

N only the knowing is enough to make us fly high in life!!

Colors used: Yellow, Green, Red, Indigo!!

Yellow is his strength n hence its okay if it’s in the back layers!!

Red n Green are what he needs to add balance ,hence you see them!! They are out there,out loud!!

The Indigo is the dash of creativity that adds magic n opportunity for flights❤️

4. The art when placed in his room, will work magic for him, even if it’s hidden…if it’s displayed, even better!!

The art is holding the space for a unique intention expressed by his mom for him! It would be creating the energy n holding it for him❤️

5. Energy art, works best if framed, and the glass surface is cleaned regularly!! 

And it’s best to create the art, keeping in mind the room where it would be placed n the people for whom it’s being created.

Not advisable to gift this art to people unless the art piece has been created specifically for their home,with an intention of serving them  🙂 

Hence, you wouldn’t find me selling this art to random people!!

If I’ve gifted any art piece to you, know for sure the art was created for you, intentionally n purposefully❤️🎁

Lotsa love!!


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