Miraculous Connection!!

This life is calling us to connect with the highest version of ourselves…

N we are growing higher n higher each time we :

– take care of ourselves as if we are as important or may be more important than our kid..

– do stuff that elates us beyond words

– help another putting our needs aside ( not forcing it but feeling that emotion take over us)

– ask our ‘highest self’ to show up.. as if we are hungry for that one event in this entire life (which indeed is true yet we’re unaware)

N then our highest self shows up!!

There is a greater part of us, our energy that knows everything that’s gonna happen in our life..

It’s like there are a millions of million paths or may be more,that could be reality based on our choices..

If I wake up at 8 am today, there is a future that I’d create, if I have green tea there is a future that I’d create, if I’d go for a jog there is a different future I’d create..

N don’t be surprised, a greater part of me knows all the infinite possibilities..

It knows exactly what will happen if I miss that bus just as well as what will happen if I do not have enough funds to pay my credit card bills this month…

N in any of the situations (even the worst) my highest self knows that’s it’s gonna be fine!

There’s a part of a higher (less known to me) me taking care of the me (I think I am)

N that’s happening all the time♥️😘

So in times of trouble, I’ve to call the lesser known me to take charge!!

Like I do today!

I say ‘I cannot deal with this today. I can’t see any options just yet. I feel helpless n out of sorts.

I feel emotional n empty yet there’s one thing I know for sure. I have your back dear ‘lesser known me’..

So I leave it to you. You’ll do well I know’

N just as I say this as I look into my fav view (out of my studio window), I feel a strong urge to write..

I find a 📓 notebook. I have pens handy on my studio desk. Just as I flip the pages of this book, I find a letter I’d written to myself some time in the past..

N this makes life grow out of that stress into love

Yes! I am taken care of every single day n I allow myself all that care n joy that my higher self is pouring out on me♥️

Chao n god bless🎁


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