Kickstart 2017 with a Spontaneous Art Attack 

Have you ever wanted to paint like really bad?? Yet you have no idea where to start???

Here’s a great offer for all those who’ve been literally dying to dabble with color..

I’m hosting a ‘Kickstart with Art’ series, to support you all in welcoming the new year in an energetic manner by rendezvousing with art❤️

~ 4 sessions,each lasting 3 hours, spread over 2 months (December ’16 n January ’17)

~ We paint 3 canvasses of varying sizes (in Abstract)

~ each canvas serving a unique intention for you..

~ we start the first canvas in this month (to let go of waste energies) 

~ days : weekdays only (Energetically we put ourselves on top priority by taking a day off) 

~ locations : Mumbai (Dadar) n Pune (Warje)

~ investment : one time payment of INR 6000/- to be paid before we start the very first session

This is a great way of welcoming the new year by releasing any unwanted energy that you’ve held for long..

The first five entries (my first ever😍) are eligible for either an investment discount of INR 1000/- or an extra painting session, as per their choice ..


Ping me on fb messenger for dates❤️🎁

There’s a magical energy present in spontaneous decisions (the unplanned last minute ones)

Excited to paint with you lovelies🎁

One response to “Kickstart 2017 with a Spontaneous Art Attack 

  1. This opportunity serves as INSPIRATION to express the beauty of ART all around you. Both the art that has already been created for your UPliftment, and also for the ART to BE expressed through you and by you. I AM EXCITED to know that Aryaa Akshay is THE Teacher that will guide you in the JOY of the JOurney of painting.

    If you, like me have yearned to paint, but did not know where to BEGIN….THIS is the Teacher who will lovingly share the JOurneY with you. I encourage you to JOIN the FUN and Sign UP NOW. 🙂

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